• chamber music with similarly committed musicians
• chamber orchestra with perfrormances of standard chamber orchestra repertoire
• coaching and instruction from nationally-recognized
• sessions in Body Mapping, career development, auditioning, and more
• relaxing setting of the Villa Maria Community Center in rural western Pennsylvania
• a supportive and non-competitive environment where you are free to grow as a musician

• Five great concerts of beautiful chamber music in intimate venues
• Musicians from all around the United States and beyond visiting our community
• Puts
Lawrence County on the cultual map for a model community that supports a thriving, nationally-known music festival
• Businesses and restaraunts beneift from visiting musicians and concert audiences eating, drinking, and enjoying all that the area has to offer

Pre-Professional Musicians (Ages 18-25)
The Lawrence County Community
Two enriching weeks of:
Benefits to our Cultural and Economic Life:
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faculty artists.
Jonathan and Nanette Solomon
The Fulena Family
The Armstrong Family
New Castle
Rotary #89